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Stray dogs living the beach bum lifestyle in Thailand

Posted by on May 15, 2015

Our perceptions of the proverbial “dogs life” that many stray animals may have may have changed somewhat over the last few weeks that we have been in Thailand. We have seen a great number of seemingly “stray” dogs, loafing about in the streets & especially on the beaches. The difference in Thailand however seems to be that these dogs are always fed by whoever they choose to hang around with. Whether it be a Phuket service station where the petrol attendants care for, or a Ko Lanta “beach bum” dogs that seems to “belong” to the caring staff at the local resort.



What does seem obvious though is that these dogs are all extremely friendly, relaxed & happy to play with one another, play in the surf, run around playfully encouraging the beach goers to give them attention & taking long naps in the cool of the beach brush & palms.



It seems that the philosophy of the people has rubbed off on these dogs, in there calm, relaxed & “zen” ways. Also, they never seem hungry & are even quite choosy of what they accept when offered treats by tourists. They may just be living the life they choose, coming & going as they wish.

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