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Guest Apartment progress report.

Posted by on June 10, 2016

Guest Apartment Progress.

Progress to the guest apartment has been swift over the last few weeks. The last few weeks have been trying for us. We were supposed to leave for a 6 weeks backpacking trip through Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. Instead, we ended up staying at home. The reason being, that in January this year, Janneke was diagnosed with breast cancer and has subsequently undergone a mastectomy as well as braved a number of side effects with medications. She has also undergone strings of tests & procedures after having suffered of chronic diarrhea, resulting in extreme weight loss & fatigue. In short, until she has regained her strength and built up a reasonable immunity we are stuck at home.

So, instead of our house and pet sitter being just that, he became a “guest apartment tester”. While we are at home, we have taken the opportunity to get closer to completing our guest apartment. Ensuring it is ready for travelers of all sorts. Having stayed here for more than a month, our guest has had the opportunity to point out any missing items. He can advise on any impractical arrangements and any negative living circumstances he may have experienced. Luckily, these seem to have been few & relatively minor.

Bedroom & En-suite bathroom completion.

While being in the position of having a guest staying in the apartment and giving us feedback on a daily basis, we are now happy to say that the bedroom, as well as bathroom are basically complete. All amenities of a necessary practical & aesthetic nature are complete. Of course nothing is guaranteed. We will be sure to lend a keen ear to any future tenants and their opinions & suggestions.

Kitchen fully fitted & complete.

Our house guest is an avid cook, so enjoyed making his own food. This is something the kitchen lends itself to. Unlike many other self catering apartments, this is  fully equipped kitchen. Not merely a kettle & basin. The kitchen has a stove, oven, hob as well as dishwasher & washing machine. All utensils & crockery are at hand, so if you enjoy entertaining & cooking, nothing is spared here. There is a small table for two, a breakfast/bar counter and every convenience you would expect to find in your own kitchen.

All that needs to be attended to is the living room area. This is already quite complete, but needs a few small personal touches & decor to make it really homely. Once that is done, the wonderful flow onto the patio and rock pool garden area, will make for a wonderful, tranquil lifestyle for traveler, home swap, house sitter, couch surfer or digital nomads who choose to stay with us in this luxury, convenient & well equipped apartment. We are proud to be able to say, that this guest apartment has been created for ourselves. As if we were to stay here on a permanent basis. Whether as our holiday apartment, retirement home, or self catering unit while we travel the world. We would be happy & proud to stay here ourselves.

Over the last few months, with misfortunes & ill health having halted our travel plans, at least we can say that the self catering apartment has received the attention. The love & personal touches it deserves to ensure that whoever stays here, will not be left wanting. We look forward to welcoming many happy and interesting travelers to the MidlifeBackpackers, self catering apartment in years to come & hope that it will facilitate our own travels as well.

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