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From home extension to self contained apartment.

Posted by on September 6, 2015

Why would a couple need a 270 square meter home, with 3 living areas, 2 bathrooms & 4 bedrooms? This is what we originally had in mind when we planned & starting building an additional 2 bedrooms & bathroom as an additional to our already large, 200 square meter home. We completed the “shell” a few years ago.

Now that we want to travel more & work less, the original plan does not make sense, so we have amended it to better reflect our “ideal life” (Thanks for the borrowed phrase which Warren Talbot from¬†uses so often). The new extension will hopefully be an asset to our home as well as travel plans.

Original Plan

Showing the original extension which was to be incorporated into the main existing home as an addition.

Ammended Plan

Showing the conversion to a self contained, 1 bedroom apartment, separate from the main home.











We have yet to see what the purpose of this extension will be. Various options, however would compliment our dreams of travelling as we pursue our dreams of life as midlifebackpackers:

We could:

-Rent the apartment out thereby generating additional passive income,

-Rent out the original home, while using the apartment as base when we are back from extended travels,

-Use the apartment, the original home, or both sections as Airbnb‘s,

-Use one or both these sections as Home Exchanges.

Whatever the outcome, we are pretty sure it will be a step in the right direction & what’s important to us now, is taking that actual step to start with the building.

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