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The “Land of smiles”.

Posted by on April 24, 2015

This sure describes the Thai people. Friendly & spontaneous without the jaded edge that often comes along with a difficult line of work. An example can be found with the working girls of the party district of Patong. One would expect them to have an antagonistic & jaded attitude at foreigners gawking and taking pictures of them, all the while not intending to make use of their services. Yet, they are all to happy to pose with husband and/or wife & even seemed genuinely interested in where we came from and to chat & pose with us. This seems the general trend with most of these girls who’s work must be exhausting as they try & sell their service to often offensive, rude & drunk foreigners. yet these girls keep their respectful attitude & stay friendly.

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This seems to be the case with vendors & even taxi drivers who stay friendly & helpful even after you have made it clear that you will not be using their services. A taxi driver would help you find a bus & direct you to them just to help. In the streets & party area of Patong, Bangla Road, it seems the only problems are usually caused & created by the foreigners, as it is the foreigners who also abuse alcohol. The Thai people we have come across don’t seem very interested in abusing alcohol.


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I wonder if that may be because the fact that alcohol is sold on any day, at any time & in just about any place, with local 711 even carrying a good range of booze. An interesting observation we made after a few days here.


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