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Thailand backpacking expenditure-2015

Posted by on July 23, 2015

Recording our Thailand backpacking expenditure

To keep track of our Thailand backpacking expenditure while on the road, we used a free app called “Expense Manager”. This app makes it fairly fast & easy to input travel costs on an Android device. There are different categories as well as sub categories that you can create as you wish. It also has a few summaries, graphs and other useful budgeting report features. You can also save the expenses from phone to a laptop or email the csv sheet to yourself to later format as you wish. Here is the link: Expense Manager

Here are our summarized costs:

Accomodation:                   20846 Baht

Transportation:                  12455 Baht

Restaurant meals:             10214 Baht

Snack meals:                       4572 Baht

Drinks:                                 6357 Baht

Tours:                                  6000 Baht

Misc. Groceries & other:      4320 Baht

Personal clothing:  2983 Baht

Gifts:      4030 Baht

Personal care:                     2957 Baht

Total:                                 74734 Baht

This is an average of R891/day. 

Opportunities for savings.

It would not be accurate to divide this by 2 to try and get to a cost per person, as obviously the single traveler would need to budget for more than when with a partner & sharing many costs such as accommodation & motorcycle for example. It’s fair to say that we stayed in rather luxurious accommodation, so could have saved quite a bit there. We also traveled fairly large distances from South to North. So where we could have saved on those, we could have spent more on tours & experiences for example. Restaurant meals are also fairly pricey compared with food bought from street vendors & markets.

Knowing WHAT you spend, helps you to know HOW to cut costs

Whatever the case may be, we could have spent way less, or way more, so now that we’ve found our travelling legs, we’ll be back to challenge ourselves & our budgeting abilities in the next chapter. The main thing though is keeping record, as if you don’t know where the money is going, there is not much opportunity for cutting cost.

Detailed breakdown of our Thailand backpacking expenditure:

For a complete breakdown of our day to day expenses, have a look at the detailed pdf document by clicking & opening the following link. We hope this is of value to you:

Detailed expenses-Download PDF

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