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Avoid scams when backpacking.

Avoid scams when backpacking. Advice from the inexperienced for the inexperienced. We midlifebackpackers have sometimes felt insecure during our travels. We do not have the security of a travel plan, or tour arranged by a travel agent. Often we have wondered whether we would be streetwise enough when backpacking. How would we avoid scams when … Continue reading »

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Bangkok’s Rail transport network.

Don’t be intimidated by Bangkok’s transport network. When we planned our trip to Thailand & Cambodia, our greatest intimidating thought was: ” How will we get from the airport to our hotel?”. We felt we needed to understand the transport network before arriving. We did not want to feel intimidated by Bangkok’s transport network. When … Continue reading »

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Thailand backpacking expenditure-2015

Recording our Thailand backpacking expenditure To keep track of our Thailand backpacking expenditure while on the road, we used a free app called “Expense Manager”. This app makes it fairly fast & easy to input travel costs on an Android device. There are different categories as well as sub categories that you can create as … Continue reading »

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Getting to and from Bangkok and getting around in Bangkok.

Wow. Complex, confusing, frustrating & infuriating. That sums it up. We arrived in Bangkok early morning after an overnight trip from Phuket via bus. There are a number of long haul bus services running between the major centers like Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi & many more. Usually these buses come in 3 categories, ie, … Continue reading »

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Getting to grips with transport in Thailand

WOW. That is the most difficult part. Firstly the language difference makes it almost impossible to explain to locals what & where you want to go. At hotels it’s OK, but from hotels to other main routes & place is expensive via hotel shuttle. Once they drop you off at a public bus stop, the … Continue reading »

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Airline tickets booked & paid for!!

So this is it. Menno & Janneke are finally taking a break from their “responsible” and hard working lives & making a break of it. Mind you, this won’t be a typical holiday with everything pre-booked in resorts. Not the kind of holiday most adults in their late 40’s have. But then again, we’ve never … Continue reading »

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