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Digital nomads trading resources

Posted by on November 29, 2015

Shortly after our very first backpacking trip to Thailand, we started asking ourselves whether digital nomads trading resources could not be a meaningful, mutually beneficial way for fellow travelers to help one another achieve their goals. The goal to “de-cluttering” their lives and escaping the prison of the 9-5 work days. At 47 and 48, respectively, we took the first step towards fulfilling our dream – travelling wherever we want, whenever we want. We took a backpacking month away in Thailand as our first step. On our return, we took some further steps to see whether we could utilize the digital world, together with property we own & the skills we possess to help facilitate our future travels & overcome the restraints that stop us from doing so:

Digital nomads trading resources

Is there a demand for digital nomads trading resources?

Time & money restrictions

As you can probably imagine, breaking away comes with two major restrictions: time and money. Of course, the two are often interconnected. In our case, we need time to work and cater for our day-to-day expenses. In reality, what stops us from travelling fulltime “right now”, is actually money.

Why we are in a favorable position and ready to travel:

1.) We have no children, so we don’t have any commitments, holding us back.
2.) We have no debt at all.
3.) We have a number of small income-generating rental properties, so we have a constant income stream.
4.) Any fixed expenses, such as life coverage, medical bills or insurances, are paid out via this passive income.

This means that our day-to-day expenses, such as food, accommodation and travel costs, need to be covered by “something else”.

This “something else” is the income we would need to generate while traveling. Unfortunately, neither of us is tech savvy enough to monetize the act of travelling alone by working as a travel photographer or writer. Neither do we know how to create an online business. We have a lot to share, such as our real estate experience, and even the potential to brand the “midlife backpackers”. Yet we can’t really put our sales and marketing abilities to practice, since we happen to be born in a generation just prior to the Internet era. Our IT skills are therefore lacking.

Our skills are in property management, customer service, sales, branding and marketing.

Our experience in the world of real estate provides us with understanding of not only how property management works, but what our clients might want, too. This has helped us create our home-stay living experience. This is a self-catering garden apartment that’s ideal for frequent business travelers or anyone, who would like to feel at home while staying in this stunning garden apartment.

The idea behind this project we are busy completing, is to connect us with people who would like to experience this sort of accommodation and would also be willing to provide us with any help with the technical nature with this blog. Digital nomads trading resources with us in a mutually beneficial way. We are looking for guidance, tips or assistance in the tech side of the online business. Help with things such as affiliate marketing or any sort of income generating tool we can use to create a conservative income to keep us on the road.

Questions regarding digital nomads trading resources:

Are digital nomads trading resources at the moment & to what degree? Questions arise about this subject:

1. Would internet marketers, bloggers and digital nomads consider free accommodation in exchange for their knowledge and assistance?
2. What is the demand for experiencing South Africa with this unique way of accommodation?
3. Is there a demand for luxury, self-catering accommodation within the residential South African suburbs?
4. What is the niche market for middle-aged backpackers like? Are there other MidlifeBackpackers like us and is there an actually an untapped market out there, catering to their needs?
5. Do we actually have many like-minded individuals – middle-aged people, wanting to travel, but not like package tourists?

6. Will this blog enable us to connect with them?

7. What is the demands for products and resources within this group?

To Summarize:

We would love this blog, as well as our Facebook page, to become a platform for sharing experiences. Getting opinions and providing feedback from travelers, who feel just as passionate as we are about the nomad lifestyle. We want to create a place, where people can learn about the opportunities to live and work from any place in the world. We believe connecting with like-minded individuals is a mutually beneficial solution. That it can help us understand what we can offer one another and encourage cooperation. In this way we can fullfil our midlife backpacker dream together.
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback, or any relevant experience you might have. You can reach us by email, or go through our Facebook page. We are always looking to connect with others, who feel passionate about the nomad lifestyle, whether midlifebackpackers or not – so get in touch and we’d love to hear more about you!

Digital nomads trading resources

Digital nomads trading resources can be mutually beneficial

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