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About MidlifeBackpackers

About (Who we are):

Lets try and find out some more about We hope to utilize this as a resource for a community of middle aged travelers, who have a dream & passion of experiencing travel the “real” way. Not travelling as packaged tourists. Like many younger backpackers do, we want to focus on the adventure and really experiencing countries & their cultures.  Being exposed to the lives, habits & places of the local people. Affordable travel, with the flexibility to change and make up the time schedule, as we go along. However, we don’t want to sacrifice too many of the creature comforts that we enjoy and need as older backpackers.


What we hope to achieve with the is our website that will showcase the start of our journeys. We want it to become a source of information, inspiration & resources for those “midlifers” like us. Those who have come to realize that there is currently very little or no online information suitable to the middle aged backpackers.

Also see our MidlifeBackpackers Facebook Page


Menno & Janneke (see also About Menno & Janneke )

We are new to this. We are aware that much of the information out their relating to backpacking, is suited to the younger crowd. As midlife backpackers, there are certain things we expect to do, see and experience differently than we would have 20 or so years ago.

We do not profess to know much about travelling the world with a backpack at this stage of our lives. We know even less about midlifebackpackers out there already doing what we hope to do. We do however know that we have a passion & dream to do it. We know that there must be others that feel the same way. This is why we need to get out there & do it ourselves. We also need the support and help of those who are already doing it. Those who have experience and can help us to make available, the information,  tips & resources to others with the same dreams. Surely there are many travelers out there who know all about midlifebackpackers, their lifestyles & the challenges they overcome?


The typical MidlifeBackpacker:

Many people in their mid forties & fifties, decide to travel to foreign places for the first time. Maybe we were all too busy with our busy careers, busy raising kids or generally doing the responsible thing and working hard to provide for retirement. Maybe they have traveled before, but always as a regimented “package tourist”. Traveling where everything is pre-planned & the set routines dictate the typical tourist experience.

Whatever the reason, to start backpacking at such a late age and following the midlifebackpacker style of travel, can be daunting for most.


The basic questions & problems that come to mind are:

-So where do we go when the plane lands?

-What if nobody understand a word of English & no one understands us?

-How do we know what mode of transport to trust & take to get about?

-How will we know when people try & scam us?

-Safety precautions?

-What are reasonable costs versus exorbitant “tourist rates”?

-What if we get lost?

-Where can we safely & affordable go to eat other than the resorts?

-What are the best online resources we found for a particular place we visit?

-How do we know what to be aware of at each different town we arrive at, as everything differs

from town to town?

-What do we need to take along?

-What is unnecessary?

-Finding your way around?

-Deciding what type of accommodation is suitable?

-What you can expect to spend?

-How can we afford it?

-What basic apps & IT resources can one use to simplify travel?

-Places you want to see, depending on your personal interests?

-Why many of these questions have such simple & common sense answers,that you don’t even need to think about them until you land.


Self catering lodge available for MidlifeBackpackers in South Africa:

One of our biggest committed steps we have taken towards turning our travel dreams to a reality, has been the creation of a self catering apartment suitable for overseas, midlifebackpackers (and other suitable travelers).

The creation of this almost complete guest lodge, has been multi purpose & is sure to be an invaluable resource for us as well as the guests we will be using the accommodation. Read all about this and why this could even be your Free accommodation in South Africa should we wish to swap resources with you.

We are just an average, middle aged South African couple. Estate agents & property investors. (See: Menno-Flat & Townhouse Specialist & Property investor ), with a dream to become regular MidlifeBackpackers. We hope to inspire others to become our friends & share the dreams and resources of this community of MidlifeBackpackers. We are sure we can learn a lot about midlifebackpackers already on the road through this website.