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711 in Thailand. The Westerner’s refuge.

Posted by on May 13, 2015

It’s unbelievable how many 711’s there are in Thailand. In every place we have been, there is a 711 every few blocks & they’re always busy. Get to a major bus terminus & there is a 711. Basically they sell items like sweets, cooldrinks, toiletries, fast foods, dairy products etc. Things that we regard as everyday. In Thailand however, it seems these items are very different to the items & foodstuffs we are used to in “The West”.

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While on the road travelling in Thailand, the reality is that sometimes you are sick & tired of noodles, rice, seafood & Thai food. Often we just want a toasted sandwich or a chocolate milk or a Coca Cola, or whatever. The other thing about 711’s is the temperature inside!! Wow, always freezing cold with air conditioners working overtime. In a place like Bangkok or Phuket City this is a place of refuge. So often with sweet running down our backs, we have walked past a 711 sliding door opening out onto the sidewalk only to be engulfed by ice cold air flowing out. What else can one do but enter this cool “heaven” to browse the much missed western good & foodstuffs at leisure while enjoying a much needed cooling off. 🙂


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