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Thailand & Cambodia trip , 2016

Posted by on June 30, 2016

Thailand & Cambodia trip planning starts.

It’s time. Suddenly, from a place of nothingness, our Thailand & Cambodia trip planning starts. Many options for trips have been considered. This may not be the perfect time for the average tourist to visit Thailand or Cambodia but we really don’t care.

We have been through a difficult last few months. Janneke was diagnosed, operated & treated for cancer. Now is the time. The time to get away from it all, immerse ourselves in a vastly different culture & step out of our comfort zones. Time to take on the challenge of yet another “unplanned, non package tourist” trip. This Thailand & Cambodia trip is our 2nd step into the unknown & adventurous world of backpacking for us as middle aged backpackers.

Planning a trip to Thailand and Cambodia, consists of surfing, googling and checking out photos. Reading blogs & basically trying to get an idea of what kind of environment & culture would seem interesting to us. We use a few online resources & apps that we found useful on our first trip, to familiarize ourselves with what we can expect in a strange country. That’s about it. The only real plan we have is, getting our plane tickets bought,. We arranged our E-visas for Cambodia, international driver’s licence, extended medical aid meds & plans. Confirm travel insurance & order foreign exchange. That & our first night’s accommodation on arrival. After that, we can go just about anywhere, at anytime. To us, that’s what it is all about.

Thailand & Cambodia trip planning tools

Thailand & Cambodia trip planning tools

What’s next? Follow us as we head out.

We would love it if we could inspire more middle aged couples to follow us and do the whole backpacking thing. Why not? We want to step up and grab our dream of seeing the world on our own terms, with a limited budget. We do not earn dollars or first world currency. We earn South African Rands. Can we do what Americans & Europeans do and see with their first world currencies? Well, let’s see. We hope to be seeing a lot of Cambodia & Thailand in the next few weeks, so join us & follow us for more as we follow our hearts in search of the mystery that only travel can provide for us.

Cambodia 2016


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