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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Washing and “ironing” while backpacking

We’ve got into the routine of wearing the same old 2 or 3 pairs of clothes everyday. After all, who cares & who knows us here. We’re not on a fashion parade & within 10 minutes of leaving an air conditioned room, the sweet is pouring off one in any case. Talking about air conditioning. … Continue reading »

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The “Land of smiles”.

This sure describes the Thai people. Friendly & spontaneous without the jaded edge that often comes along with a difficult line of work. An example can be found with the working girls of the party district of Patong. One would expect them to have an antagonistic & jaded attitude at foreigners gawking and taking pictures … Continue reading »

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Food markets and street vendors. To eat or not to eat…..

Although everyone has told us that food is cheap in Thailand, if you need to eat everything from restaurants & cafe’s & keep on doing this throughout a whole month, you will be spending too much of your budget on food. Anyway, that’s what we are starting to realize. Also, when in Thailand, one would … Continue reading »

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Wat Chalong

“Wat” meaning temple. This is said to be the most important of the many temples in the Phuket region. Although we are not familiar with the traditions, rites & ceremonies of the Buddhist faith, I personally always feel reverence & a peacefully calm in these beautiful monuments built in honor of ancient spiritual leaders. I … Continue reading »

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Getting to grips with transport in Thailand

WOW. That is the most difficult part. Firstly the language difference makes it almost impossible to explain to locals what & where you want to go. At hotels it’s OK, but from hotels to other main routes & place is expensive via hotel shuttle. Once they drop you off at a public bus stop, the … Continue reading »

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Nai Yang Beach resort

Found this lovely resort less than 2 km’s from the airport. At a budget price of ZAR 442 for the two of us. A few hundred meters from Nai Yang beach. Quite a luxury for a backpacking trip though, but I think we’ll need this 1st night to be in comfort after the long flight … Continue reading »

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